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Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing

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Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing

TL;DR: Read the book.

Recently I had the pleasure of reading Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing by Gerald M. Weinberg. Since we both know I am really bad at book reviews, I will just quote a few things from the book that grabbed my attention while reading it, enough to make a note.

p.24: All in all, testing can be exhausting, but it can never be exaustive.
p.26: Imagine you are about to dine at the Testing Buffet. (Testing Buffet!? See TL;DR.)
p.28: Diversifying your test team might find more problems than enlarging your test team.
p.70: Under such a system of measurement, a lousy developer is tester’s best friend. (Wondering when this is true? See TL;DR.)
p.76: The only real kind of exhaustive testing is when the tester is to exhausted to continue.
p.135: If you don’t care about quality, you can make any schedule.
p.142: The number one testing tool is not the computer, but the human brain.
p.151: There are many ways of testing without involving computers, but no way of testing that doesn’t involve using brains.

And one bug in the book (or maybe not, who knows):

p.101: A white elephant. (I think it should be gold elephant. Elephants!? See TL;DR.)

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February 20th, 2012 at 6:12 am

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Agile Testing: The Book

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Agile Testing: The Book

Agile Testing: The Book

TL;DR: It is a good book.

I won the Agile Testing book in lottery while I was at The Austin Workshop on Test Automation (AWTA) in Austin, Texas, in January 2009. I have met both authors, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, at AWTA and even recorded a podcast about the book. I was planning to read it since then. But, as it usually goes, I had other things to do. I finally decided I will read the book a few months ago, and I was reading it a few pages a day. While reading it, I had to quickly read another book, so everything is a bit blurry. A few days ago, I have finally read the book.

Probably the most useful part of the book for me was part 3, the agile testing quadrants. It was introduced by Brian Marick way back in 2003, but I do not think I have heard a lot about it until I found it in the book.

I am pretty bad at book reviews, so I will not go into details. There are a lot of reviews at Amazon, if you like to read them.

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December 23rd, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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The Best Thank You Note from a Reader of My Watir Book

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The book
Feedback like this makes me want to spend even more of my time writing the Watir Book and giving it away for free*.

Thanks for wasting a bunch of my time. Next time, before you publish something you might want to check that it works. I’ve spent 5 hours trying to get this shit to run and I can’t get the dev kit (ruby dk.rb install) to install. A search indicates that I’m not the only one having this issue. WHat a BUSH operation: from Ruby to Watir to YOU.

Please: take your page down — stop wasting peoples’ time.

On your BEST DAY, you’re an IDIOT.

* I am selling the book, but all content is available on GitHub for free. I have spent hundreds of hours on the book so far, and I have earned about $200. Do the math.

Update: I have replied after I updated the instructions.


Thanks for the kind words. Since you have asked so nicely, I have just spent another afternoon and evening away from my family, updating instructions on how to install Watir:


I did it just for you, for free of course, as always. Please notice new chapter, DevKit.



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December 2nd, 2011 at 10:31 am

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